Testing Engagement

Testing EngagementAfter a new starter has been installed, or flywheel maintenance has been performed, you may wish to test your engagement. For the most part, a normal sound of the starter during cranking periods, is viewed by most technicians to be the largest indicator of proper engagement.In other words, ” If it sounds good, it is good ” There is a more scientific method.

Bump the key (on and off 1 time) as quickly as you possibly can, but not allowing the motor to fire up. You should hear the bendix click back to it’s “off” position about a half (1/2) second after you let off the key. This would be considered good. If the bendix takes a period of one (1) second or more, before it snaps back, this would be “hanging up” and require further work to be corrected.

Perform this test numerous times around the entire diameter of the flywheel, as “hanging up” can occur only in certain parts of the flywheel due to burrs being located only in certain areas.

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